Why Real Estate Investing Should Be Accessible to Everyone

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For too many years, the option of investing in real estate has not been “top of mind” for many casual investors.  For starters, it takes a sizeable sum of money to purchase property on your own. Even with available financing, the required down payments are often out of reach.  In addition, being a landlord is not for everyone – especially not for someone already juggling the demands of a full-time job and looking to spend their weekends pursuing social and recreational activities.  And even though house flippers on HGTV almost always realize a sizeable profit, most of us realize that it does not always turn out that way in real life when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Nevertheless, the idea of achieving wealth to the point where we can support ourselves comfortably in our golden years and enjoy the finer things in life while we are still young remains a very important goal for most of us.  Many young people today take a look at their parents’ and grandparents lives and worry that they will not be able to sustain the same standard of living that they were raised in. Housing, in particular, has skyrocketed in value so much that many would-be homeowners and investors feel shut out of the dream.

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In recent years, crowdfunding platforms have tackled a few of the barriers to real estate investment by offering investors shares in properties or groups of properties chosen, vetted and managed by others.  Affordability, however, remained a problem, since most of these platforms would only do business with “accredited investors” who could fulfill exorbitant minimum investment and net worth requirements. For all practical purposes, the “little guy” remained shut out of the game unless he or she could manage to save enough capital to purchase their own property, dedicate their weekends and free time to landlord duties and hope to realize some monthly income.  That was the state of affairs until addy came along.

At addy, our mission is to overcome these barriers to ensure that investing in real estate is no longer only for the wealthy.   Just $1 will open the door to a world you may have thought was out of reach. If you are a young professional paying a very steep rent or still living with your family, addy can help you become a real estate investor at the commitment level that best suits your goals and your wallet.  There is no longer the need to be “all in” or “all out” when it comes to real property investment opportunity and no need to assume any risk beyond your own comfort level.

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Making real estate investment available to a larger sector of the population has hidden benefits for all.  Imagine the new perspective to be adopted by a long-term tenant who, through a modest investment in their own building, now owns a piece of the pie.  It’s no secret that when people feel vested in something – whether it’s a job, a relationship, or the home they live in, the pride of ownership compels them to take better care of the asset.   

The world around us is changing in more ways that we can even keep up with.  The real estate industry needs to respond and adapt to the economic and social upheavals that have and will continue to impact different sectors of the industry.  Some of the old investment rules simply no longer apply.  addy will continue to lead the way by providing modern solutions in a fast-moving world.




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