Meet Up Recap: Changing the Game in Real Estate

Every month, addy hosts a meet up to give the community a chance to connect with each other, the team, and learn more about what we’re up to. Last week, we were at The Profile Coworking Business Club – our generous event sponsor – in downtown Vancouver with addy’s Community Manager, Hunter Sones. He touched on the foundations of traditional investing and how to leverage that knowledge for crowdfunded investment properties so that we all can share in the returns.

One of our favourite quotes from Hunter, “One of my dreams for the future is to live in a world where people can fall in love with their investments. Investing in real estate is a vehicle for [this] because there is a human and emotional connection behind the investment.”

Hunter believes that investing is truly about one thing: People. “When you empower people economically, you give them a chance to work on their dreams; and when people chase their dreams, sometimes they catch them. These people are driven and motivated to change the world for the better, and when you give them the tools to do it, they actually do change the world for the better”. 

Of course, he covers the basics of how addy works, how investors will realize returns, how easy it is to get started, and how we’re different from other forms of real estate investing, such as REITs. 

“A REIT is essentially a company that owns hundreds of different properties, and investors buy shares in that company. addy is not a REIT. Instead, with addy you have the chance to purchase shares in individual properties within high-growth markets”. (You can learn more in our post: Is addy a REIT?

The presentation concludes with a final analogy between investing and growing a garden. From planting your first seed to nurturing the plant, watching it spur seedlings, and finally watching your garden grow to a forest. This analogy strikes a similarity with addy; starting with a small investment, and watching that investment grow over time until one day you have achieved total economic empowerment. 

Check out Hunter’s full presentation below (note: addy was formerly IMBY which is why this video references that brand name)



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