A Creative Way to Invest In Your Own Backyard: An Interview with Jasalyn Thorne

As a professional artist, Jasalyn Thorne very often has her eye on the beautiful and the sublime.

Thorne has worked as a professional photographer in the Vancouver market for the past 15 years, capturing irreplaceable moments for individuals, corporations, families and wedding parties. In recent years, her business has expanded to include product photography and education for other pros looking to improve their photography skills.

The common thread is that search for perfection – the ideal image, the best lighting, the most flattering angle.

Thorne also manages a family, paints and creates award-winning jewelry designs, all in the free hours outside of her thriving photography business.

residential neighbourhood

On top of all this, Thorne has a focus on the business side of things and on building a solid financial future. She became a homeowner in 2007 and set about investing in that property, making it not only a homestead for her family, but a semi-commercial space with space for meetings, office tasks, and studio shoots.

She has long had a desire to invest in real estate because of its reputation for long-term growth and dependable outcomes.

“We’d love to invest in commercial property because it’s not so susceptible to the ups and downs of the market, and rental prices can be quite stable and profitable.” However, Thorne’s desire to protect her financial health has been a barrier to jumping right into an investment that could prove to be too much.

What’s keeping her from entering the commercial market?  It’s a triple threat of additional financing, rising interest rates, and the responsibility of becoming a multiple-property owner, she says.

A Solution Presents Itself

Then Thorne was introduced to addy and she found a brand new way to approach from a perfect angle, this time in terms of investing. addy is a platform that lets people enter the real estate market without either huge financial outlays or a mile-long list of financial credentials.

“I was just recently introduced to it,” Thorne says. “It’s a very interesting concept worth further consideration given the current market and current direction of the correlation between minimum wages and affordability.”

addy investors can enter the market for as little as one dollar, and pool their resources with other interested parties. The system opens up a path to wealth for a whole new segment of the population.

single family homes

Thorne is a big fan of prudent investment, not only to protect the individual but to enhance the health of the community as a whole.

“I feel it would be in the interest of citizens and the government to put more emphasis and care towards the residents that are here, rather than focusing on bringing in outside revenue,” she says. When more focus is placed on citizenship and community, house prices would sit at a reasonable level, and citizens could pour more of their resources back into the local economy than into their rising mortgage costs.

As people build wealth and are allowed to hang on to more of their income – for instance, through wise investing – they are then able to explore their own backyards, building vibrant, thriving communities along the way.

Thorne has an eye for what makes a pretty picture, both in specific and in very general terms, and she hopes that her neighbors, and indeed all of British Columbia, can find paths to happiness and financial freedom. addy just may be the key for many of those people.







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