How to Rent and Own at the Same Time

What if someone were to tell you that there was a legitimate and potentially lucrative way to become a homeowner without the day-to-day responsibilities of homeownership?  What if they told you there was a way to reap the financial benefits associated with owning without having to cut the lawn or deal with a midnight phone call complaining that a pipe burst?  You would probably be skeptical and curious at the same time. In truth, thanks to the inroads made by addy in revolutionizing access to real estate investment, there is a very real way to experience the best of both worlds when it comes to renting vs. owning.

Own Without Sacrificing

Here is how it works.  Let’s start with the premise that as expensive as renting can be, in most instances, it is still less expensive than owning on a monthly basis.  Suppose that like most Gen Zers and Millenials, you do not have enough savings to purchase a home on your own. Despite your education and willingness to work hard, you are feeling cut off from the dream of homeownership you were raised on. You cannot afford to purchase a home on your own without sacrificing aspects of your lifestyle that you love.  You can, however, afford to invest in shares of a property through a crowdfunded platform like addy.

Now suppose, after investing in an apartment building at a level you can afford, you sign a lease to rent in the same building – or perhaps another crowdfunded apartment project sponsored by addy. You will be positioned to enjoy the traditional financial advantages of homeownership and the lifestyle freedoms that come with renting – without any of the sacrifice normally associated with saving for a down payment.  By employing this insanely simple but effective strategy, you will have overcome some major barriers to effectively “have your cake and eat it too”, but wait a minute, because the potential upside to this strategy does not end here.

Collect Passive Income

By investing in an addy property, you will open a door to the wonderful world of passive income – money you can earn in your sleep.   Passive income is the holy grail sought by all real estate investors. You put up some money – whatever works for you – and experienced investors with proven track records take it from there.   Just imagine taking that passive income to reinvest in another promising project, splurge on that vacation you’ve been putting off for years or subsidize your monthly rent with passive income earned from the same building you’re living in.  What you do with your earnings is entirely up to you. 

Economic and social factors throughout Canada and the world today have combined to force the younger generations to devise new and innovative approaches to overcoming a host of problems – everything from climate change to debt management to underemployment to retirement planning.  These may be age-old problems, but they are going to require new-age solutions. In order to own a home, you should not have to give up everything you love doing for the next 15 years or so while subsisting on a diet of cheap junk food in your parent’s basement while hooked up to Grandma’s Netflix account.  Your generation deserves better and you deserve better. addy is leading the way in redefining homeownership and helping young investors plan for tomorrow without sacrificing too much today.  


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