Unlock The Properties We Are Reviewing

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Curious to know what properties addy is currently reviewing for purchase? Verify your profile.

If you’re an addy member, we’ve rolled out a new verification option within your profile that will get you access to the properties that are currently under review by our team at addy. The properties under review will show up in your dashboard, for verified users only. You’ll be able to vote on which ones you like and provide us with your feedback.

It takes no more than 3 minutes to complete.

Steps to verify your profile:

  1. Login to your addy account
  2. Click “Profile Verified” found on your dashboard
  3. Answer a few questions
  4. Have your government ID ready
  5. You’re Done!

Not a Member yet?

No problem! All you need to do is sign-up for an account and complete the verification process. Then you’ll get access to properties under review.


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