Watch Webinar – Alternative Real Estate Investing with Realtor Noam Dolgin

Build community, reduce your ecological footprint and save or make money through real estate co-ownership. Learn how it could work for you.

Considering buying a duplex or townhouse for your growing family? Did you know that you could own ½ a house for less money, have more space, and choose your own neighbours / co-owners?

Do you think a 5% cap rate is impossible in Vancouver? Try owning a basement suite in someone’s house. A brand new 2,000 sq ft house in Vancouver for under $1.3 million is possible with co-ownership.

All strata property is co-ownership to some degree, so why not take control of your situation, choose your community and get more for your money by thinking outside the box and co-owning a non-stratified property.

Join us as we chat with Noam Dolgin about a few examples of situations where co-ownership could revolutionize traditional housing choices opening up exciting new possibilities for owners and investors..

What you’ll learn:

  • how co-ownership works
  • the opportunities and challenges of co-ownership
  • how to leverage co-ownership as an alternative investment option
  • Q&A

Date: Thursday, April 16, 2020

Time: 6:00 PM PT via Zoom (1 hour)

If you missed it, here is the recording:

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Speaker Bio:

Noam Dolgin is a local Realtor who helps clients navigate Vancouver’s tough housing market. Before entering Real Estate, Noam worked for more than 15 years in community development, environmental education and consulting, and uses this expertise to assist clients in making social, economical and environmental sustainability a central component of their housing choices. Noam is known to think outside the box and as such has been working with collaborative property purchasers since his first days in Real Estate.

He is an advisor to CoHo BC ( an organization helping to connect individuals interested in co-ownership through community building, educational and social events, guest presentations from experts and innovators in the field, home ownership matchmaking and much more.

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