Top 5 Real Estate Investing Blogs

There are many credible bloggers out there that have a lot of wisdom to offer based on their own financial success – a lot of which is a result of their real estate investments. If you’re like us and get excited by the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)  movement then you’re going to love our top 5 real estate investing blogs.

1. Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache (aka Peter Adeney), is possibly the most renowned blogger on how to achieve financial freedom before the traditional retirement age. He proves that it takes a wise investment strategy rather than a mountain of wealth to retire when you wish. He himself has invested in both liquid and illiquid assets like the stock market and rental properties, which have generated long-term regular income. He offers insight on real estate investing, being a landlord, and how to generate passive income from real estate.

2. Vancouver Real Estate Blog

Steve Saretsky is a Vancouver Realtor and author behind one of Vancouver’s most popular Real Estate Blogs. Steve is widely considered a thought leader in the industry and his dedication to analyzing the stats, financial landscape, and policies affecting Vancouver Real Estate have allowed him to build a successful business. Steve is a regular speaker at industry events, hosts an online video series ‘The Saretsky Show’, and authors the popular “Saretsky Report” which is read by over 7000 subscribers.

3. Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets is your one-stop-shop for all things related to real estate investing. The blog features articles and advice from the industry’s top investors and is full of helpful information newbie and mature investors. You can read about things to expect as a real estate investor, such as tenancy and leasing, house-flipping, passive investing options, financial freedom success stories and more. Get started in the real estate investing basics section.

4. Invest Four More

Invest Four More was created by real estate agent Mark Ferguson for those who want make money through real estate. He offers information for those interested in rental property ownership, house flipping, wholesaling, and he has a section for real estate agents. As an experienced real estate agent and house-flipper, Mark provides a wealth of information on active real estate investing for both experienced and beginner investors. He also offers advice on easy ways to start investing without getting your hands dirty.

5. Investment Zen

Investment Zen teaches readers how to achieve financial independence through simple steps. Investment Zen offers sections devoted to early retirement, investing, loans and real estate among others. The real estate section offers fundamental information on real estate investing, there’s also information on real estate crowdfunding for the passive investor.

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