4 Tips For Writing A Kick-Ass Rental Property Ad

We spoke with Randy and Steve of The REINVESTORS in a recent webinar on “Landlording During a Crisis” about how to recruit great tenants. The first strategy? A great rental ad.

Here are their 4 steps for crafting the perfect ad:

Step 1) Set expectations at the top of the ad

This eliminates unnecessary emails and wasted time. For example:

  • Write the date the suite is available for rent
  • Share what day you will be doing showings! (Make your life simple. Do a 1hr showing ONCE. Don’t accommodate everyone else’s schedule. 
  • Ask them to share information. You want to know about them in the initial email.
Step 2) Re-Write the rent amount and share what utilities will be included

Save yourself the influx of email asking  “what utilities are included”

Step 3) Write out some features of the ad

Tenants love to see things like:

  • Storage
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Landscape/backyard
  • Pet friendly
  • Location/Area
  • Appliances (if stainless steel)
  • Renovation work etc.
Step 4) Write out who your dream tenant is

For example: do you want a couple, single occupant, family, or young professional? People who fit that target will be more eager to message you.

Example Ad:

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Avoid Being A Landlord Altogether:


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