Why Invest in Chilliwack Real Estate?

If you’re looking for bright spots to invest in Western Canada, there is no doubt that this lower mainland hot spot is moving from an agricultural town to a modern city. In fact, according to the Real Estate Investment Network Chilliwack is among the top 10 B.C. cities to buy real estate. Why does this city rank so high?

  1. Strong Economy

Due to the city’s strong economy, a stable growth rate of ~3%, easy access to international highways, and location within a regional market of about 2.5 million people, Chilliwack is attracting employers from a diverse group of industries. Consider the recent opening of the $200m Molson Coors brewery, which is poised to become an industrial real-estate hotspot. 

  1. Nurturing Business Growth

The City of Chilliwack is committed to ensuring that a competitive business environment is maintained by working with the business community and implementing development policies that lead to success. According to the Vancouver Chapter of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Chilliwack has the fastest approval times for development and building permits, rezoning applications, and subdivision approvals.

  1. Affordability & Location

With affordable real estate in well-planned neighbourhoods, Chilliwack provides a laid back lifestyle often associated with smaller towns while also appealing to people who are used to living in bigger cities. It’s ideally situated between weekend getaways to the interior BC and the buzzing city of Vancouver. 

Competitive costs combined with a strong economy and a superb quality of life make Chilliwack a market of choice for investors.

In highly desirable locales such as Chilliwack and Vancouver where property values still outpace income, new approaches to real estate investing are needed and addy is providing a new avenue to owning property.

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