Currency Destruction & How to Protect your Savings

Vancouver Realtor Steve Saretsky had addy Chairperson Jeff Booth and addy CEO Michael Stephenson on his show today to talk about Jeff’s book, The Price of Tomorrow, what is happening with currencies in the world, how to protect your savings, where real estate is potentially headed and what addy is up to.

“In this interview I chat with Jeff Booth & Michael Stephenson. Jeff is from Vancouver and is becoming a public figure for his well known book ‘The Price of Tomorrow.’ In his book, Jeff argues technology is deflationary and it is compounding deflation at an unprecedented pace. Meanwhile, central Banks are desperately trying to hit a 2% inflation target. Their models have not updated to today’s society, and by not letting natural deflation occur they are creating massive asset bubbles through money printing.

Here’s where Michael Stephenson and addy come in. addy allows for every day retail investors to get in and invest in individual real estate deals with zero fees. I think these guys are on to something special.” – Steve Saretsky

You can watch the complete show below;


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