Getting Access To Opportunities: Why Jason Yu Loves addy

Building a company that our members love and are excited about is our number one priority at addy. We spend a lot of time connecting and listening to members so that each of you can be confident when investing alongside us in real estate. We recently spoke with Torontonian, Jason Yu about why he’s stoked on what we’re building.

“I like the accessibility of opportunities that I would never be able to invest in alone, but mostly I enjoy being part of a membership community that is investing together.”

Jason, like many Canadians, has felt locked out of the market but given the recent drop in mortgage rates has started looking more aggressively into real estate opportunities. That’s when he found addy via a Daily Hive article discussing the opportunity at Northwood Terrace Apartments. We asked him what motivated him to invest in our most recent property in Toronto’s Lawrence Park neighbourhood.

“It’s not the location or the type [of property] but rather what the property enables for residents or tenants”, he says. “For example, 1476 Avenue Rd was interesting to me because you have the top girls school in the region on one side of the street (where I strive to send my daughter) and on the other side, old not well-maintained dirty residential buildings. It is not the sight I’d like to see when I drop off my daughter in the future. This project will not only improve the quality of residential in this prestigious area but also balance the ambiance of the area.”

We love that Jason and many others in the community are able to invest in projects that will directly impact their neighbourhoods. What our CEO, Mike, loves the most is opening up opportunities to investments that members are proud to own.

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