Opening Doors to Commercial Real Estate: Why Mike Yebio Loves addy

Mike Yebio lives in Toronto with his wife and 7-month old daughter. He’s always been interested in real estate and in fact, owns a property that he rents out two hours west of Toronto. But when asked about owning in Toronto proper his response matches those of many Millenials we’ve spoken to, “Toronto is too expensive, so we rent in the city and own an investment property instead.” 

While he’s got his foot in the door with real estate he continues to keep his eyes open for additional investments opportunities, “with the current pandemic and the ongoing printing of money it’s clear that real estate as an asset class will continue to increase in value,” he says.  “I want to own more so that my family can be prepared for the future.”

Mike was looking for investments that were “hands-off” as he knows how much work a rental property is plus he is a new father and has a demanding job as VP of Sales at a SaaS company.

“That’s when I discovered addy,” says Mike, “I was listening to a podcast with Jeff Booth [addy’s chairperson] about his recently published book [The Price of Tomorrow] and he mentioned how addy was making real estate investing more accessible to those locked out of the market and providing investment opportunities to all kinds of real estate for a small dollar amount.”

“While I missed out on the recent Toronto listing I’m very excited for the upcoming commercial property located in Calgary,” he says. “I’ve always been interested in commercial real estate but assumed that access to those opportunities was not something I’d be privy to without large amounts of money.” 

“I’m not just investing in the property, I’m also investing in the team. The addy leadership group are some of the brightest minds in the business and I’m really excited to be apart of this journey.”

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