North Vancouver Property Coming Soon!

Front of property located at 1629 St Georges North Vancouver

This is just a short teaser post to let you all know that details are starting to show up in your addy account on our next property in North Vancouver!

Log in and click on “Properties for Sale” to see some of the details for the upcoming North Vancouver multi-family property. Those with funded wallets are first in line to invest. We expect this one to go very quickly based on feedback from our members.

More to come!

Invest in North Vancouver:


6 thoughts on “North Vancouver Property Coming Soon!

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      Once we have enough members in Quebec we will unlock the province! Hopefully soon. You can help us by getting more people from Quebec to sign-up for an account.

  1. Nick.Mc says:

    addy should implement an ROI calculator for new joiners so they can see what prospective gain that “could” be made on some of these investments properties

    • Stephen Jagger says:

      Great idea Nick! Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to let us know. We have more tools coming for within your addy account. Details coming soon.

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