The District of North Vancouver vs The City of North Vancouver

What is the deal with The District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver? How did it come about that the city of North Vancouver is completely surrounded by The District of North Vancouver? Why are they different? And why do we at addy care? Let’s dig into these questions and find out.

Two North Vancouver’s


North Vancouver has been split into a district and a city for decades. The district is a much larger area, completely surrounding the city on three sides, Burrard Inlet on the fourth.

The city has a denser, more urban population, while the district doesn’t have much of a downtown core at all. Instead, it’s characterized by suburbs with single-family homes. Each municipality has its own government, fire department and other city services.


In 2018 District of North Vancouver councillors voted to look at amalgamating with the City of North Vancouver and make the two municipalities one. Back in 1968, the district has proposed to the city to amalgamate, but the District residents were overwhelmingly in favour of unification, but city residents were split 50/50 so the proposal didn’t pass.

North Shore Population

According to Wikipedia the population of the North Shore breaks down to 85,395 in The District of North Vancouver and 52,898 The City of North Vancouver. West Vancouver, the third municipality on the North Shore has a population of 42,473.

Why do we care?

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One thought on “The District of North Vancouver vs The City of North Vancouver

  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    Eventually the two North Vancouvers will merge because there is no good logic to the division. Much like Abbotsford and Matsqui became one after existing for decades as one community under two governments.

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