What’s the addy of our next addy?

Last week we revealed that our next addy would be in North Vancouver but we didn’t specify exactly where…

The North Vancouver property that is coming onto the addy platform imminently went through a significant renovation by a previous owner. You can see what the apartment building looked like in September 2007 via Google Maps and what it looks like as of late 2018.

This North Vancouver apartment building, known as The Avesta is a 100% occupied newly re-built 22 suite apartment.

And now for the addy…drumroll please ?…

1629 St Georges Ave, North Vancouver, BC.

Note: Details are starting to show up in your addy account. Log in and click on Properties for Sale to see some of the details for the upcoming North Vancouver multi-family property. Those with funded wallets are first in line to invest. We expect this one to go very quickly based on feedback from our members.

Do you know this building?

Own On The North Shore:


12 thoughts on “What’s the addy of our next addy?

  1. NAJ says:

    Checked out the property days ago.
    Having participate in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th property launches from Chilliwack, Toronto & Calgary; Definitely can’t wait for Addy’s 5th launch.

    • Stephen Jagger says:

      Soon! I will have the exact date shortly, but it should be launching within the next week or so! Details will be released to addy members shortly.

    • Stephen Jagger says:

      What sort of tiny houses do you mean? I would love to know more. Do you have an example of what type of property you are referring to?

  2. Lurdes says:

    It’s actually kind of exciting feeling the anticipation of waiting to hear what is coming next.
    I’m excited for more … I’ve invested in Calgary and Chilliwack and now can’t wait for this one.
    Kind of nice when out in the valley grabbing something from Starbucks that I say to my son – “hey, your part owner of this property”. He’s wide-eyed, with … “wow really? So cool !!!”
    Keep them coming! As small investments as they are, they are still investments – doing it for him.

    • Stephen Jagger says:

      Hi Lurdes – that is amazing! I’m so happy to hear that. Thanks for sharing your feedback on what we are doing and how you and your son are enjoying investing with addy! We are so happy to hear this. We have lots more properties coming!!

    • Stephen Jagger says:

      Hi Vince – The North Vancouver property is launching on Wednesday. We have a downtown Vancouver property coming shortly as well. Thanks for being an addy member! 50+ properties coming this year.

  3. JA says:

    I am so looking forward to its launch later this week! Thanks for giving the “little guy” the opportunity to benefit from real estate investing. I will support Addy from now into the future! More Alberta properties (possibly Edmonton) would be amazing!

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      Awesome! Thanks so much for being an addy member. We’re excited about this opportunity as well. Appreciate the feedback on the types of addy’s you’re looking for. We will let our acquisitions team know 🙂

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