Investing In Communities: Why Lurdes Loves addy

Lurdes and her son

Lurdes lives in Vancouver with her 15-year-old son. She’s always been interested in real estate but after a development she invested in fell through several years ago she grew wary of investing too much into real estate.

Discovering A New Way to Invest

“I had been thinking about different ways of investing money when I came across addy on Facebook. Since I had a bad experience with that previous development, my interest piqued when I read about how I could invest in real estate with a small dollar amount.”

As with anything, Lurdes did her research. She investigated the addy board members and leadership team, read some threads on Reddit and ultimately decided that “the risk seemed low.”

“I was particularly excited about the property for sale at the time – the Chilliwack commercial building with Starbucks as the tenant – because we have family and friends in the area,” she says. “I love doing things that support a community so it seemed like a natural fit to be able to invest in a building that has a connection to a local community I like.”

“I also liked the previous property, the one on Trout Lake, and would’ve invested in that one as we have lived on the East Side of Vancouver near the lake, plus it’s a good idea to diversify, but it had already been sold!”

Getting Her Son Involved

Lurdes’ 15-year-old son, Quinn, also thinks addy is pretty cool. She took her son through the Starbucks drive-thru and explained to him that they own a piece of the property. She laughed, “his face was like, WHAT! that’s so cool!” She explained that her son always talks about how investing should be taught in school so she thinks getting him involved in understanding how addy works is a nice start.

“Since investing in the Starbucks property, we’ve also invested in the Calgary and North Vancouver properties. I like to base my investments on how attached to the community I am – it’s just really neat to feel connected to my investments.”

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  1. Jeff says:

    Interesting approach to real estate! ?
    I’m just curious to learn more about the return on investment. What returns have been achieved on past and/or current deals?

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