Join Our Real Estate Crowdfunding Club on Clubhouse

Join us on Clubhouse to learn about real estate crowdfunding and how we leverage it so that we can all share in the high returns of this asset class. 

The truth is that real estate investing is simply out of reach for most of us. It takes tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate and in a lot of cases, there are barriers even if you do have the money. As governments continue to print money as a result of COVID-19, those without assets are on the losing end as their cash is worth less and assets are worth more – widening the inequality gap. Additionally, there are other factors working against those that can’t “get in”:

  • Too hard to do it on your own without large amounts of capital
  • Massive amount of risk if you don’t know what you’re doing
  • Need to be “all in” otherwise you’re shut out
  • Don’t have the knowledge to renovate or flip a property
  • Headaches of being a landlord & financial risk if can’t find tenants
  • Limited access to opportunities

We’ll discuss these topics and many more with our club hosts: our co-founder, Stephen Jagger and our VP of Marketing, Katie Kernahan.

Join Our Club Clubhouse:

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