What You Need to Know About Don Mills and How To Get There

Shops at Don Mills

The North York Region is home to the small community known as the Don Mills area. This isn’t a figure of speech either; everyone literally refers to it as, “the Don Mills area”. It is a stones throw away from the highly coveted neighbourhood in Toronto known as the Bridal Path. Maybe you’ve heard of Drake or Prince? They lived there. Right underneath the 401, and 20 minutes from downtown Toronto, it really is perfectly situated for a family to live.

What’s cool in the area?

Don Mills may be a smaller community, but there’s a lot packed in this rectangle. Likely its coolest feature is the Shops at Don Mills (located at Don Mills Road and Lawrence Avenue East) which is a giant outdoor mall; tons of shopping, cafes, and restaurants, and feels like California in the summertime. This specific spot is really easily accessible via the Don Valley Parkway (DVP), which is a major artery in and out of the city. Due to only a few ways in and out of such a large metropolis, the highways that do service the city can become backlogged very quickly, and something residents aren’t too crazy about. But don’t worry, the DVP is easily the prettiest highway because it goes, well, right through a valley, making sitting there not so bad.

Location, location, location?

Its specific parameters are like a rectangle spanning from Eglinton Avenue, up the DVP, across York Mills Road and down Leslie Street. Going through this area is the beautiful Don River. One of Toronto’s most awesome features is its incredible parks and nature areas. So while you’re definitely in a city, you still have the ability and access to enjoy the great outdoors. When I chatted with some residents in the area, they said the Mocassin trail, Don Mills trail, and Betty Sutherland trails are really something to experience.

Minutes away are some incredible spots right on its boundaries; things like Evergreen Brickworks, Aga Khan Museum, the incomparable Ontario Science Centre, and Toronto Botanical Gardens. All of these attractions are within a ten-minute drive of the Don Mills area.

So how do you get there?

Well, let’s say you’re starting out downtown Toronto at the Rogers Centre (formerly known as the Skydome, and in our hearts, it is still that lovable landmark!). You’ve just finished watching a baseball game, and now you’re going to hop on the infamous Gardiner expressway to the DVP, and head up getting off at Lawrence avenue. You’ve beaten the Jays traffic and are going to sit down for a meal at Shops at Don Mills. Life is good.

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  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    It is pretty cool that a BC resident can buy a small piece of an apartment portfolio in Don Mills. Love the ability to get some geographical diversion without the management hassles and large capital requirements of buying property in different regions myself.

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