addy Celebrates Our First-Ever Distribution!

Distribution Day

Did you invest in the Chilliwack, BC property with Starbucks Canada as the tenant?  If you did then you were part of our first-ever Distribution Day! The 833 investors in that property received their first distribution on Monday. Those funds arrived right into their addy wallet and they have the choice to reinvest the funds or withdraw them back to their bank account.  An exciting day for sure and great to see 833 addy members putting their hard-earned money to work for them.

Watch addy Distribute Funds to 833 Investors in Seconds ?

How is your distribution calculated??

We are all equal as everyone has the same common shares which prescribe the same rights for everyone equally. There are no elite or super-duper-power-up classes of shares that get a higher percentage. Your distribution amount is determined by your exact ownership percentage in the total crowdfunded amount and the amount of distribution that addy received from the investment into the property. The distribution addy received from investing into the property is divided into slices and distributed to addy Members based on their ownership percentage in the addy property.

“Win-Win or No Deal” has you covered! ☂️

addy tracks your distribution amounts to 8 decimal places to make sure you get the most out of your distribution, as small amounts add up! When fractional amounts (greater than 2 decimal places) add up to a cent, it will show up in your wallet balance. For example, if you received $1.51854321, it will show $1.51 in your wallet balance. When you receive another $1.51854321 for a total of $3.03708642, then your wallet balance will show $3.03.

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5 thoughts on “addy Celebrates Our First-Ever Distribution!

  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    Congratulations to everyone who got a quarterly distribution. The Chilliwack Starbucks building is in a great location at the entrance to a quality new development. A nice little investment property with a Grade A tenant that will require very little management.

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  3. Edward says:

    i was about to sign up with my bank account but my bank is not listed on the list.
    Santander is my bank in Massachusetts,, US
    Please contact me.

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      Hi Edward – we are not currently open to US residents. BUT you can still create a free account and we will notify you when we open in your region.

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