What You Need to Know About North York

North York skyline
North York, which is a large region within the city of Toronto, has a ski lift you can use in the winter. Yes, a ski lift. We know, we felt the same when we found out. A ski lift? In the city? Nestled right in the valley of Earl Bales Park, is a beautiful sprawling green area that has nature trails, off-leash dog parks, a use-at-your-own-risk rink, and the ski lift. North York is a vast area with every kind of neighbourhood and mixture of people you can think of. There are huge apartment complexes, yet massive lots with older homes from the 1970s. Some torn down and replaced with absolute marvels of mini mansions and architectural style. And then neighbourhoods that are the California equivalent of Beverly Hills, like the Bridal Path.
Hopping on a motorcycle to explore the city is fascinating, because in one moment you’re in a city, the next, you’re riding through green space, huge highways, and activities for everyone to do. There are two rivers that flow through North York: the Don River and the Black Creek River. Both are right next to their respective highways; Don Valley Parkway and Black Creek Drive. One goes down the east side of North York, and the other down the west side. Both rivers have accompanying green spaces for residents to enjoy.
Also, Bayview Village Shopping Centre and the Shops at Don Mills offer really upscale shopping and dining experiences. Shops at Don Mills is an outdoor mall, one of the few that Ontario has. In the summertime, it feels like California. At Christmas, they light up a massive tree in the centre. The Bayview Shopping Village may make you feel like you chose the wrong profession given how expensive it is, but anyone is welcomed to at least enjoy the air of class this mall provides. Grab a coffee and take a stroll to enjoy $400 t-shirts.
North York is also home to the Black Creek Pioneer Village, which every Ontario student has fond memories of grade-school field trips. Still standing are old structures from back in the day, and the staff act out the times, making maple syrup, churning butter and performing loom work. Next to the Village, is the huge and highly coveted York University, which is essentially its own town it’s so big.
The food here is extensive. It reflects just how diverse the demographics here are. It will never be possible to list every incredible restaurant people can choose from. Every pallet is satisfied.

To list a few, in no particular order:

  • Maker Pizza Avenue
  • Tutti Pronto
  • Paisano’s on Willowdale Avenue
  • Moldova (eastern European comfort food)
  • La Mexicana
  • Paese Ristorante
  • Phat Kaphrao (Thai street food)
  • Le Montmartre (a dine-in French cuisine experience)
  • Truly Thai Cuisine
  • Nome Izakaya (to die for Japanese)

Honourable mentions juuust beyond the North York border of Steeles Avenue:

  • Sababa’s (middle eastern food)
  • Me Va Me
  • Dante’s Pizzeria
North York is also a huge manufacturing and industrial area as well. A lot of products are made here. It is fascinating to see the contrast in how space is used here. Many neighbourhoods despite being city-like, are quite peaceful. Birds singing, kids playing in parks, people cycling and walking. For so many people living here, it really is a safe place. Crime rates are relatively low given the number and range of people who call it home.
The future of North York is a bright one, everyone wants to be here, and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is scaling its public transport service up this way. Making the communities north of North York an even more integral part of the Toronto area. Many condo developments are taking place just north of Steeles Avenue which is North York’s border. Word on the street is, that the areas surrounding North York will become developments in which biological sciences are encouraged. Who wouldn’t want to live or invest here?

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