Top Things To Do In North York

North York to do list
North York is a massive region within Toronto that has a lot for everyone to do. The people who live there, and all that visit, have option after option.
For the whole family is Black Creek Pioneer Village. As the name suggests, you get to explore original buildings from the times of the pioneers in the late 1800s. They have maple syrup making, butter churning and working with some of their cute resident animals. Another family favourite is the Ontario Science Centre where kids can learn about electricity, the human body, coral reefs, and Mars. Every Ontario kid has memories of going here for school field trips.
Even though you are surrounded by a city, in some parts you wouldn’t even know it. Thanks to North Yorks endless pockets of green space, picnics and outdoor activities is a huge past time. Edward Gardens and Toronto Botanical Gardens are breathtaking displays of groomed natural beauty. The Don River, Black Creek River, and the Don Valley give everyone the chance to get active. There are also countless off leash dog parks, so if you want an instant mood pick me up, just head to one and watch them all play. If you’re up for a huge bike ride, the Donway east trail takes you all the way to downtown Toronto. Who needs the subway?
The Aga Khan museum, which showcases Islam’s contributions to the global community, is a marvel in and of itself. It displays the artistic, intellectual, and scientific contributions of Muslim civilizations. They have perfectly calculated landscaping that is so pleasing to the eye, you feel like you’re in France looking at another mathematical marvel, the Palace of Versailles. You can see it if you’re on the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) right off the Eglinton Avenue exit. It is something your eye is automatically drawn to.
Then there are the top 4 shopping destinations in the area. The Shops at Don Mills, an outdoor shopping mall which in the summer feels like California. The Bayview Village Shopping Centre is super upscale. And lastly, Yorkdale Shopping Mall and Fairview Mall are absolutely huge with every kind of retailer you could think of. If you want to spend money, this is where you’re going to head.
If eating is one of your favourite things to do, then look no further. Given the wide array of cultural demographics in this area, this means there is every kind of food you could possibly imagine or crave. From Japanese to burgers, to Italian, to Eastern European, to Mexican, Thai street food, Vegan and fresh foods, Corned beef sandwiches, fine French dining, Jamaican, the list becomes exhaustive. A few to name; Allwyn’s is a classic Caribbean joint, along with High Street Fish and Chips (we may have cheated a bit with this suggestion, as its just a few blocks east of the DVP and isn’t technically North York, but its that good it needed to be mentioned). If you’re into Japanese with the coolest vibe, then definitely check out Nome Izakaya.
One of the most unique features for city residents is that there is an actual ski lift and ski hill nestled right in the heart of North York. Placed underneath a bridge near Bayview Avenue, called Earl Bales Park, it is very unsuspecting if you don’t look down while driving. You almost have to see it to believe it, because we reserve chair lifts for the ski hills up north. But this is a popular place to be in the winter months.
Not to mention the other countless attractions; community centres, outdoor tennis courts, movie theatres, night clubs, bars, comedy clubs, trails, cafes, bookstores, and live music.

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