Investing In My Investments: Why Knowlton Thomas Loves addy

Knowlton Thomas

Real estate investments with addy are unique — they are ones that you can drive by, take photos of, and be proud to own. And if they have a commercial tenant, investors can support them. After all, money spent at your commercial tenant’s location can go right back into your pocket. Investing in your investments…how cool is that?

We hear this from members all the time. That’s why we loved chatting with Knowlton Thomas, an investor in our commercial property at 45604 Airport Road in Chilliwack that has Starbucks as a tenant, about his connection to the property. It also happens to be the very first property to issue a distribution to addy investors!

Knowlton moved from Vancouver to Chilliwack in 2018 to escape city life and to grow his fitness brand, So as a Chilliwack resident, he already frequented this Starbucks location.

“This specific location is actually the only Starbucks I’ll go to in Chilliwack,” he says. “Whenever I drive past, I’m always scoping out the drive-thru line to see if it’s busy.”

“I was but a humble customer of this location at first. In fact, it was a sign advertising addy next to the building which caught my attention. Being a customer gave me first-hand knowledge that the team running the shop was friendly and efficient.”

“I always take stock of the drive-thru when passing by. That location has great visibility on a busy road; knowing it was busy gave me more confidence to invest.” 

He explained to us that the hyper-local factor of this Chilliwack Starbucks sold him pretty quickly on the idea. He saw a unique opportunity in his own neighbourhood and was interested in seeing how it went. So far, he says “I have invested in three addy properties.”

Knowlton likes real estate as an investment because it is a tangible asset that is always in demand. He looks for opportunities that are novel but still secure and stable. Real estate is a major part of his portfolio and he says that his investments through addy have been “a neat addition.”

“As a resident of Chilliwack, it’s cool to see a business I know and visit become an investment opportunity. I’ve already received my first distribution from this property and I look forward to generating income from this investment as well as the rest of my growing addy portfolio.”

“There is always an element of pride when investing in your community, and addy is an interesting platform. It’s usually a fun conversation that opens people up to the idea of investment opportunities that are a little bit outside the box.”

Invest Outside the Box:

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2 thoughts on “Investing In My Investments: Why Knowlton Thomas Loves addy

  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    Nice blog post about a typical investor. I’ve always steered and done business with my tenants. Maybe it does not make a big difference but every little bit helps and I want the people who pay me to be successful.

  2. Lurdes says:

    Funny, I do the same thing … when I drive by I think to myself good is my investment? …then see the steady line up through the drive-through… Cool to have money invested in the community that is an investment for me as well. Love seeing that I’m investing well and seeing business do well where I live.

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