A Surprise Distribution For Calgary Investors!

addy CEO Mike issues surprise distribution to Willowglen investors

If you’re an investor in The Park at Willowglen then you got a sweet surprise! The addy at 1729 8th Ave NE has issued its first distribution, and it’s early! We were expecting it annually but the General Partner has issued one already. How sweet is that?

On Location in Calgary

We were on location last week scoping out the investment and our CEO, Mike, recorded a quick video to keep investors up-to-date. Yes, it was snowing (in May brrr)! and YES, Mike had to do several takes & lost his voice LOL.

Check it out:

Curious how this return compares?

There are no elite or super-duper-power-up classes of shares that get a higher percentage. We are all equal as everyone has the same common shares which prescribe the same rights for everyone equally (unlike a bank!)

Investment Amount Return on Willowglen real estate investment (Q1) Return on your investment if left in a savings account for 3 months*
$1,500 (max investment amt) $22.05 $0.37
$295.30 (avg investment amt) $4.34 $0.07

*estimated 0.10% interest rate

How is a distribution calculated? ?

A distribution amount is determined by a member’s exact ownership percentage in the total crowdfunded amount and the amount of distribution that addy received from the investment into the property. The distribution addy received from investing into the property is divided into slices and distributed to addy Members based on their ownership percentage in the addy property.

“Win-Win or No Deal” has you covered! ☂️

addy tracks our member’s distribution amounts to 8 decimal places to make sure they get the most out of their distribution, as small amounts add up! When fractional amounts (greater than 2 decimal places) add up to a cent, it will show up in their wallet balance. 

Quick maths: if you received $1.51854321, it will show $1.51 in your wallet balance. When you receive another $1.51854321 for a total of $3.03708642, then your wallet balance will show $3.03. 

What can you do with a distribution? ?

Our first mixed-use building in downtown Vancouver, The Lex, is SELLING NOW! So if a member would like to reinvest these funds into another addy hey can or they can hold them until they find one they like. The other option is to withdraw them to your financial institution.

Start Earning Distributions

6 thoughts on “A Surprise Distribution For Calgary Investors!

  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    Hopefully these quarterly distributions continue. It is wonderful to get paid over and over and over again. Plow it back into the next property and compound your returns.

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