Investing in The Next Generation: Why Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha Loves addy

Photo of Rosanna and her family

You know us! We’re always connecting with our members so that we can get to know individual stories. That’s why we loved connecting with Ontario local, Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha.

“So many people in Toronto do not see themselves as owning real estate given today’s market conditions, and that’s how I felt when I first moved to this city. However, I knew that real estate was a good investment and was committed to getting into the market. We started small, we flipped homes, took over forecloses, renovated property, rented them out and now are in a position to potentially retire because of our assets. Real estate can be an incredible wealth generator and I believe it’s really important for young people to understand this.”

Finding addy

Rosanna first discovered addy from an ad on Facebook in January (surprise they work!) and was curious as she was looking for ways to diversify her investment strategy, initially thinking stocks and bonds but given her experience with real estate (already invested in condos, houses and some property in the Philipines) she thought she’d check us out.

“At the time there was a Calgary property for sale [the Park at Willowglen] and that looked interesting (I did end up investing in it), but what I loved the most about it was the inclusiveness. The fact that the team at addy is trying to build something for the 99% that do not have access to this asset class.”

Building Something Bigger

Rosanna is a business coach and many of her clients are young and locked out of real estate.

“I’m always encouraging my clients to start small with investing and start in their 20s and 30s so that it can have time to grow. In fact, many of them have now invested in addy as a starting point!” she says.

Even her daughter is dipping her toes into real estate investing with addy: “She’s 23 and has invested money that she saved herself. She loves it – she reads all of the materials including the Offering Memorandum – it increases her financial literacy and education in real estate. It’s awesome.”

“But it’s so much bigger than that,” she says. “addy is an excellent investment vehicle for people with small pockets just looking to get their foot in the door with real estate. What young people need to understand is that there are no get rich quick schemes – start small and be consistent.”

Start Small:

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