addy Member Feedback Triggers Updated Projections

We recently received a question from an addy member asking what the Return on Investment (ROI) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is on our property at 45604 Airport Road in Chilliwack, BC.

This was our second property and at the time we didn’t include projected IRR or ROI in the Offering Memorandum or on the landing page. It was something we started including for all properties after the Chilliwack one.
But this question from an addy member started the conversation at the office so we went back to figure it out. Our real estate analyst, Marvin Wong, dug into the data and calculated the projected IRR and ROI for the Chilliwack commercial property is 10.45% (IRR) and 59.9% (ROI).

This information was then put into the addy platform so that all investors in the Chilliwack property were made aware of the IRR and ROI projections but they also received the cash flow and profit projections so they could review the details themselves.

The Property

Located at 45604 Airport Road in Chilliwack, BC, this freestanding, single-tenant drive-thru building comprised of 2,146 SF new build retail is home to a Starbucks Canada location.  833 addy members invested into the property and have already received their first distribution.

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