And Just Like That, Kimbrook addy is Gone!

Kimbrook Sold Out

Well, that was quick! The Kimbrook addy is fully funded, and now 550+ investors are the proud owners of a piece of this apartment building in Kimberley, BC! The average investment amount on this one was $500.79 from members across BC, Alberta, and Ontario. Thank you to all those addy members who took part in crowdfunding commercial real estate and fractional ownership.

Our next one will drop next week and it’s a small issuance amount, so if you don’t already have money in your wallet it’s time to move them funds! On that note, did you see that we rolled out Instant Funding?

More to come ?

Get Ready To Invest:

5 thoughts on “And Just Like That, Kimbrook addy is Gone!

  1. Sheri says:

    I missed this opportunity due to system glitches.. still having issues uploading my ID to verify who I am any suggestions so this is resolved and doesn’t happen again

  2. Amanda Shaw says:

    Hi amazing Addy team,

    So sad I missed out on the Kimberly investment- sadly the wait on funding my wallet wasn’t quite quick enough. If by chance anyone pulls their investment and a spot becomes available, please let me know. I’ll be in for $1,500.

    Thanks so much!

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