Meet One West addy: Dropping June 30

Our next addy is called One West! It’s a three-storey mixed-use brick and beam office and retail space in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Ontario. It was home to the first Canadian Tire and now features a stunning mural called Raise.

The Plan

Increase rental income through attracting innovation-driven businesses and proactive management, and explore adding 2 floors to the building.

Why We Love This Property

  • Once a neglected office building with high vacancy and low interest, One West is now an A-class brick and beam office building with an award-winning mural celebrating its rich history.
  • One West is now a well-recognized landmark and standout building in the busy streetscape of King Street East in downtown Hamilton, and home to a number of prominent Hamilton businesses.
  • It was home to the very first Canadian Tire!
  • 15 parking spaces are located on-site
  • A 19,907 sqft retail and office space. The building is surrounded by residential and commercial properties. The building has 10 commercial units and 8 are tenanted.
  • Located on the corner of King Street E and West Ave S and contains incredible visibility with westbound traffic headed into downtown and Mountain bound traffic travelling along the Claremont access.
  • It’s in an area that provides a potential building height of 44 meters.
  • D5 Downtown Residential Zoning allows for a variety of mixed-uses such as Dwelling Unit, Office, Restaurant, Retail for example.

Invest in One West:

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