Investing Together: Why Ingmar Zahorsky Loves addy

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addy member, Ingmar Zahorsky, is a senior executive in a software as a service (SaaS) company that has a presence in Berlin, Toronto and Seoul. He recently relocated from Toronto to Berlin last year. Connecting with him was an awesome reminder about the progress we are making to our commitment to breaking down barriers in real estate investing.

“addy makes it super easy to understand the value proposition of each property featured. There is an educational aspect to the experience that helps me become a better real estate investor,” he says. “addy carefully selects and curates properties and presents the opportunity type and specifications in a format that anyone can understand. Plus, I like that I can diversify by investing in many properties alongside thousands of members from across Canada.”

Ingmar has some experience investing in REITs (real estate investment trusts), but does not invest in real estate so he was keen to add us into the mix. “I like how addy enables me to turn my investment into an immediate asset. Achieving this on my own would require substantial financial resources.” Since joining, he has invested in six addy properties.

We asked him what types of properties get him most excited: “I like value-add properties that have higher upside potential. In my current life stage, I feel comfortable taking on a reasonably high level of risk when investing as I have a long time horizon. I also like reading about the value-add plan in detail.”

He has been following our co-founder Stephen Jagger since he was building his last startup Payroll Hero. In the summer of 2020, he joined one of our webinars that Steve was hosting and was immediately intrigued to join.

“I enjoy being an early adopter and seeing how addy is constantly growing and improving.”

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2 thoughts on “Investing Together: Why Ingmar Zahorsky Loves addy

  1. ian jones says:

    here’s my issues with Addy at present. We don’t know what value we as investors will get out of it. How does anyone know if you will make back the membership value alone in a year? What if there’s a interest rate hike and the value of property drops under water?
    I like what this is but until I have several years of returns I’m not adding a member ship fee to my cost. So far I’ve made the equivalent of a RIET month payout return for approximately 6 months time.

    • Stephen Jagger says:

      Hi Ian, thanks for your questions.

      The Charter Membership is $25/year and comes with 100% money back guarantee. If you feel you did not get enough value at the end of your year, just let us know and we will refund you. Our goal is to ensure all of our members receive value from being an addy member.

      We limit investors to $1500 per property and enable you to invest in different properties. Each one has a different projection, timeline, etc. You will see more and more properties coming onto the platform, faster and faster. Let me know if you have more questions I can answer.

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