addy Believer Cameron Sleuths our Next Property

Cameron Rogers didn’t miss a beat when we teased out the details of our upcoming addy! In fact, he went out to the property to scope it out and sent us a quick video…how awesome is that?

A bit about Cameron

Cameron has spent 30 years in real estate development, management and related “space” leasing businesses. He’s enthusiastic about supporting a platform that helps thousands of people start that journey. He’s also one of our Believer members!

Check out what he has to say about this addy – Maple View Heights Apartments:

The hints…

For those of you that guessed – yes it’s in Mission, BC and yes, it’s a development! ?️?️?️

Crowdfund commercial real estate with addy:

8 thoughts on “addy Believer Cameron Sleuths our Next Property

  1. Donna Cain says:

    Thank you Cameron! I am a brand new member and your video and commentary solidifies and confirms that I made the right decision to become one. Looking forward to what Addy will bring and pass it along to my friends.

    • Cameron says:

      I started out very skeptical and my first investment was just a few dollars. Addy does good vetting on both the properties and the general partners. They are bringing good deals to market where the projected upside is reasonable for the type of property and business plan for each property. The membership model is genius-like Costco. Addy finds and packages the deals and we buy what we like in the amount we like, or pass on a given property. Well worth the membership cost for the value Addy provides.

    • Cameron says:

      My first time “vlogging”. Felt so weird talking to just a camera on my phone without any script. Thanks to the Addy team who cleaned it up and posted.

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