Maple View Heights is Fully Funded – and Holds a Secret

Maple View Secret

Maple View Heights is SOLD OUT! 1000+ Canadians with an average investment of about $400 are now proud owners of a piece of our first development located in Mission, BC.

Check out what our Member Services guru, Edward, has to say about it (watch to the end for a secret!)…

It’s time to get the next addy up on the platform! We are prepping it now and will share details shortly. In the meantime, get your membership and wallet funded so that you’re ready to take part in crowdfunding Canadian real estate.

More to come…

Take part in fractional ownership:

8 thoughts on “Maple View Heights is Fully Funded – and Holds a Secret

  1. CG says:

    Is this subsidized by the Canadian government at all. Is there a government registry to apply to? Is there a development on the North Shore coming up?

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      This is not subsidized. We have lots of addys coming up! Details on the next one will be released shortly but it’s not a development on the North Shore.

  2. Cameron says:

    Congratulations to the more than 1000 Canadians who now own a piece of the new Mission apartment building. I was by there today and saw a lot of dirt has been moved. The site office is up on land across the street so we are now all in the business of constructing concrete rental apartments.

  3. Shirland Sealy says:

    will you be doing more housing or property projects in Ontario like toronto , welland, niagara falls, or where is closer and i can visit.

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