It’s Owners’ Day for our Calgary and Chilliwack Investors!

It's Owners' Day

Happy Owners’ day to our addy investors of a pair of exciting Canadian commercial real estate properties!

What is Owners’ Day?

It’s the day when your addy investments issue you a distribution! There can be multiple Owners’ Days throughout the term of your investment.

Which addy’s are part of today’s Owners’ Day?

If you’re an investor in 45604 Airport Road in Chilliwack or The Park at Willowglen in Calgary you’ve got a Q2 update AND some cash waiting for you in your addy wallet! Cash that you earned passively, meaning you did zero things for it aside from making this investment! Woo!

Here are the video updates from Marvin (more details in your account!).

If you’ve missed out on these investment opportunities, don’t fret! We have many more coming: simply join us as an addy member and get ready to invest!

Start earning #PassiveIncome:

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