The Montebello has Dropped!

Montebello Exterior

The Montebello has dropped!!!

It’s a luxurious 253-unit condominium currently in pre-construction that is only a 6-minute drive from downtown St. Catharines, the largest city in the Niagara region of Ontario. The units are already over 90% sold.

We’ve got all the details on The Montebello property page and you can learn more below.

There is $500,000 available on this crowdfunding real estate opportunity.

Invest in The Montebello:

One thought on “The Montebello has Dropped!

  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    And just like that – sold out in a day. Raised $500,000 so quick with crowd funding. Amazing ?. Get your membership ready and Addy wallet funded so you don’t miss out on the next deal.

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