New addy Mobile Feature: Super Sleek Portfolio

addy portfolio

Want to see something awesome? We’ve made it much easer for you to track your addy investments and keep tabs on your #passiveincome stream with a new mobile portfolio ?

What’s new?

Portfolio Summary

At the top of your portfolio, you’ll see a summary of all of your investments.

addy portfolio summary

Investment Cards

You’ll see all of your addy investments listed out as cards below the summary. Each card dives into the details of that addy and investment information. You can click into each card to view more info.

addy portfolio investment cards

The Deets

When you click on an investment card, you’ll be taken to a page that shows everything about that addy. Including:

1. Summary
addy Portfolio - portfolio details
2. Projected Future Value

This is an estimation of what you could earn from the investment.

addy Portfolio - Projected Future value
3. Your Transactions

This includes your investment transactions and associated IDs (used if you need to chat with our Member Services Squad), income earned from distributions, etc.

Portfolio - transactions
4. Updates

Whenever we receive an update on an addy from the General Partner, we’ll provide them to you here.

addy Portfolio - Recent Updates
5. Your documents

Want to reference the docs you reviewed and signed for this addy? Come to this section.

addy portfolio - documents

Why not take it for a spin?

Log in to your addy account now on your mobile phone to check it out!

Scope the New Porfolio:

One thought on “New addy Mobile Feature: Super Sleek Portfolio

  1. Cameron says:

    The new detailed layout is very slick. As the number of addys we own grows it is important to keep track of what is happening. Waiting on my first sweet distribution here. Keep up the good work!

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