Wowza!! 29 Harriet addy is Gone in 63 minutes

29 Harriet Graphic Property

29 Harriet in Hamilton, ON is fully funded! It is a 21,200 square foot light industrial and office property possessing tremendous upside potential.

The Stats:

  • 400+ Canadians own a piece of this addy
  • Average investment of about $490
  • Fully funded $250,000 in 63 minutes, mind-blowing!

On to the next!

It’s time to get the next addy up on the platform! We are prepping it now and will share details shortly. In the meantime, get your membership and wallet funded so you’re ready for the next crowdfunding opportunity.

More to come…

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12 thoughts on “Wowza!! 29 Harriet addy is Gone in 63 minutes

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      Yes! Our servers were overloaded but it’s been fixed! Hopefully you were able to snag a piece! It was a crazy exciting morning šŸ™‚

      • Farhan says:

        hi Katie,

        why do I not get the notifications/email from Addy for new properties drop details in advance? I even subscribed the newsletter but never received it.

        • Katie Kernahan says:

          Hi Farhan – click on our live chat on our website and our team can help you out to ensure you’re subscribed properly to our emails. Sorry you missed the notifications on the last one.

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      Hi Mary – if you live chat with us on the website in case some shares become available! Sorry you missed out on this one. The next one is dropping soon!

  1. Cecilia Stephenson says:

    I was curious on how 29 Harriet property was doing its first day so I logged in to snag a very tiny bit of piece. The site said : $15,400 of $250,000 Remaining . I thought ” Wow ” ! this thing will sell out today . Then I stood up and went to the kitchen to stir up my Adobo dish… roughly 10 minutes later, I came back and sat down again in front of the computer , it took a minute before I got in the Properties For Sale page and then I saw : $250,000 of $250,000 remaining …My “Wow ” became ? ” WOWZA ” !!

    • Cameron Rogers says:

      After I bought I calculated it was selling at over $5,500 per minute but in the end it .averaged just shy of $4,000 a minute. Guess the days of raising only $250,000 in an offering are over. Tell your friends addy is popular and growing so more people can have a chance to own microshares of real estate together.

  2. Ryan Suarez says:

    How are these shares selling so fast? People, don’t just buy blindly. Read the memorandum and understand the project and it’s risks before you decide.

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      The due diligence documents are available for viewing prior to the property going live. Good advice and we agree, everyone should review and understand investment documents before investing.

    • Cameron Rogers says:

      Absolutely do your due diligence. I read every word of each Offering Memorandum, check out the other due diligence and even search the internet for more information on the property and the market. In one case I even drove over to the property- though obviously that is not practical for every site. Addy is doing a great job as a curator of investment opportunities and even more importantly, picker of expert General Partners. Iā€™m sure the occasional property will under proform but some will over perform and diversification is good.

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