Coming Soon: addy in Dundas, Ontario

60 Head St. Dundas, ON Mini Prop

We are prepping our next addy property located in Dundas, Ontario.

The details of this exciting commercial real estate investment are rolling out to members soon ?

Fund your addy wallet today to take part in fractional ownership of this unique opportunity.

Crowdfund commercial real estate with addy:

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon: addy in Dundas, Ontario

    • Brad says:

      It’s great to see diversification in these addy investments as well as investing close to home in hamilton and dundas Ontario.Looking forward to the new addy drop in Dundas Ontario

  1. Cameron says:

    What an ugly property! Looks great to me because ugly properties can be made to look great and have rents raised. That is how you really make money in real estate independent of what the uncontrollable market is doing.

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