Gone in (Nearly) 60 Minutes: 60 Head addy is Fully Funded

60 Head St. Dundas, ON Mini Prop

Our latest addy at 60 Head St. in Dundas, ON is fully funded! It was a unique opportunity to participate in the off-market acquisition of a roughly 31,100 square-foot light industrial and flex-space property. This exciting commercial real estate investment was an exciting property on our platform; thank you to our investor who helped set a new addy record!

The Stats:

  • 400+ Canadians own a piece of this addy
  • Average investment of about $500
  • Fully funded $250,000 in 56 minutes, our fastest sellout EVER!

It’s time to get the next addy up on the platform! We are prepping it now and will share details shortly. In the meantime, get your membership and wallet funded so that you’re ready to invest.

More to come…

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17 thoughts on “Gone in (Nearly) 60 Minutes: 60 Head addy is Fully Funded

  1. Deng Mapiour says:

    Wow! I lucked out this time around and got in early! Could you guys set up an automatic way to buy in without having keep checking?

  2. Vinh Tran says:

    And please start the sale after like 9 or 10 PDT? We in the west coast are in disadvantage if you keep putting new property in EST

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re trying to find a time that accommodates members in various provinces. Will pass this along to the team.

      • Cameron says:

        7am Pacific is too early. Eastern people are not disadvantaged by a 9 am Pacific / Noon Eastern drop at all. It’s actually their lunch time which could be pretty convenient.

  3. Peter Mann says:

    Is it not possible to setup a system where people ho have not invested at all are given options to make a first purchase?
    If any members keeps missing the assigned times or is unable to invest then they would simply just be members without any real investment….
    I would think this would be a fair system to impliment

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      Hi Peter – we hear you! We’re working hard to increase the issuance amount so that an addy lasts longer on the platform before selling out.

  4. Franck says:

    Would it be possible to receive an email prior to a sale? I had no clue about this one and I checked the website today out of pure luck, just to realize I missed out. Again.

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      All of our members do get an email regarding all property launches! Please click on the chat in the bottom right of the screen to connect with us so we can confirm you’re subscribed.

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