What’s so Special about Hamilton’s Barton-Tiffany Lands?

Everyone knows the old adage about location when it comes to real estate. While much attention is paid to present-day neighbours and access to amenities, it’s also important to look to the future when buying property, as what may come down the road may be a boon for your investment. Getting in on an area that has big plans for the future, like the Barton-Tiffany lands in Hamilton, offers terrific value and a worthy return; you just need to be ready to invest at the right time.

Barton-Tiffany Urban Design Program

addy’s latest investment opportunity is part of a revitalization program that’s nearly 10 years in the making. The Barton-Tiffany Urban Design Study endeavours to create a vast, mixed use area in the northern end of Hamilton that welcomes families and businesses with apartments, retail, green space, public areas and important infrastructure that further connects the region as well as the city. 

Instituted in 2012, the plan has hit some major milestones since its development with much more to come in the years ahead. At the heart of the revitalization program is an agreement between the city and a studio group that looks to make Hamilton an even bigger player in Hollywood North.

Film Production

In 2019, city of Hamilton officials partnered with Aeon Studio Group to announce an ambitious project dubbed the Hamilton Studio Lands. The vast space will house an extensive production studio, including post-production work for live and animated content as well as a training campus. In addition to film and TV, the studio expects to work on music and gaming as well.

Though COVID-19 delayed some progress in 2020, Aeon Studio Group is now open for business. While the entire plan for the community is expected to take anywhere from five to 20 years for completion, the initial success is a promising one for the future.Renderings by the group released earlier this year envision the space bustling with restaurants, shops, parks and even potentially a skating rink.

Economic and societal impact

Though there is still a slight chance these plans fall through – Aeon has agreed in principle to buy the lands – both sides are in agreement that the area is rife with potential. Such projects take time, but the plans will slowly attract more people to the area and the city at large. 

Remote work allows for people who were holding out hope in the skyrocketing Toronto market to take a look at more space and opportunity in Hamilton. More significantly though, is that Aeon Group seeks to create high-paying jobs in the film sector; Hamilton already saw a rise in the number of film permits distributed over the last few years and their location has proven attractive to a number of productions, including The Umbrella Academy, The Handmaid’s Tale. Despite the pandemic, over 100 productions took place in the growing metropolis in 2020.

addy in Hamilton

Our addy at 231 Bay, is nestled in this revitalized area just steps to the waterfront and green space with convenient access to public transit, the QEW and Highway 403. The four-level, mixed use property at 231 Bay St. N. in Hamilton sits at the southwest corner of Bay and Barton St. W., just minutes away from the Aeon Studios, and right across the street from the blocks of properties the city and Aeon plan to work together on. 

What’s more, as part of the Barton-Tiffany plan, West Harbour Go Station is a quick stroll north, having opened in 2015 to increase the vitality of the region as a whole. All-day service between West Harbour GO Station and Toronto’s Union Station finally began on August 7, 2021.

With amenities and excitement in the immediate area, and convenient ways to move around the Golden Horseshoe, the Barton-Tiffany Lands offers a prime investment opportunity in both the short and long term. The location is ready to welcome those from around Canada interested in the exciting future.

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