Buy, Buy Bay Street! 231 Bay is Fully Funded

Funding complete! Congratulations to all those who took part in crowdfunding real estate; you helped break down barriers to make property ownership accessible for all.

The Stats:

  • 760+ Canadians
  • Average investment of about $542.00
  • Fully funded $500,000 in just over 4.2 hours!

Did you miss out?

Check out our other addy, Clearview on the Park in Toronto. You can snag a slice of this addy now!

On to the next…

It’s time to get the next addy up on the platform! We are prepping it now and will share details shortly. In the meantime, get your membership and wallet funded so that you’re front of the line on the next one and get ready to invest!
More to come…

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8 thoughts on “Buy, Buy Bay Street! 231 Bay is Fully Funded

  1. Will Lenssen says:

    Not happy that I missed out due to an expectation of a “loan” that didn’t show up in my wallet as I expected. I likely missed something in the complexity of what seemed like a simple process. What seems simple is not really and what seemed “instant” was not so. This should be remedied especially since my Bank account and my addy account is still in MY account, not addy’s. I have submitted recommendations for consideration by addy. Then again, it must be more than is indicated by addy in print on the website. I will apologize up front due to my limited knowledge of the actual process vs that which is in the “eyes of the reader”.

    • Kyle says:

      Don’t feel bad, the IRR was really low at 14% for a 7-year term. When taking a risk on real estate you would be expected to make at least 25%. You would make more in a mutual fund or an ETF. Remember you can make 30% on some properties so just wait like I did for a high IRR property.

      • Dan says:

        You may be mixed up a little bit on this one and a different property. This one is projected at 18.89% per year with an estimated ROI of 97.1% paid out in four years.

      • Cameron says:

        I expect different ROIs/IRRs depending on the opportunity. A brand new property long term leased to Starbucks is a different risk/reward profile then say buying an old industrial building and changing the use. I expect a higher return from the property involving more work and unknowns then the Starbuck lease. Make sense?

    • Cameron Rogers says:

      Whenever I fund my addy wallet it takes a few business days for the money to get out of my bank and complete on the addy side. This is because the banks take time, not addy’s fault. Addy credits you up to $500 of “instant” funds while this process takes place. Reach out by chat to see if there is a problem.

  2. Lee Wilson says:

    How did I miss this!? I have checked every day. I hope favouritism isn’t happening on this site and everyone has the same chances. Hmmmm… ?

    • Katie Kernahan says:

      Hi Lee – we send out several emails to notify members of our drops! If you click on the live chat button on our website a member of our Community Success Team can help to confirm you’re subscribed.

    • Cameron Rogers says:

      there was a banner on the site talking about this drop. It was even postponed about a week. Anyway, there is a good Toronto apartment property available ($1 million raise so it is taking longer to fully fund) and I expect a property with regular cashflow on Vancouver Island is coming early January. Fund your wallet so you are ready to go. The Vancouver Island deal is a smaller raise again so it will go quickly.

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