What is Owners’ Day?

Investing in real estate takes patience and preparation, but in time, there’s a chance to earn passive income and #GetRichSlow. addy properties vary by risk level, term length, IRR and ROI, but when they pay out to invested members, it calls for a celebration. We call that special moment Owners’ Day.

What is Owners’ Day?

Owners’ Day at addy is when a property you invested in issues you a distribution. These distributions are the funds generated from your investment – typicallyin the form of rental income – that arrive in your addy wallet. That money in your wallet can be invested anew towards other properties, or it can be withdrawn and enjoyed immediately. It’s up to you!

Each property on the addy platform has a projected number of Owners’ Days. Sometimes there is just one at the expected exit of a property, while in other situations Owners’ Days come quarterly.

Who is an Owner?

addy members who invested in a property are all owners! Crowdfunding allows for fractional ownership on commercial real estate property that is otherwise inaccessible to the average Canadian. addy’s platform breaks down barriers and allows members to achieve the dream of property ownership and join a passionate, growing community as well.

Past Owners’ Days

When investing into an addy property you will see the projected number of Owners’ Days listed on the property page. When an Owners’ Day occurs, funds arrive in your addy wallet. Here are a couple videos from past Owners’ Days for the Chilliwack Commercial Property and the Calgary Business Park.

As addy grows and early members are rewarded for their investments, we continue to amass Owners’ Day; you can check out our regularly updated account on distributions and exits to see what’s been paying out.

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5 thoughts on “What is Owners’ Day?

    • Cameron says:

      The number of projected Owners Days is stated on each offering. The exact timing depends on a lot of factors and I’ve not seen a schedule yet. It is sure fun to get money ? back in the addh wallet. The Lex deal paid twice in a single week because of unit closings but that is unusual.

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