T’Sou-ke Nation in Sooke, BC

T’Sou-ke Nation

At the southern tip of Vancouver Island is the community of Sooke, a beautiful town with mountain views and oceanfront opportunities. With a growing population of over 13,000, this idyllic setting is a quick drive from Victoria and a frequent tourist destination for those seeking stunning vistas, recreational pursuits and lively artistic expression.

The township rests on either side of the Sooke Harbour; the northern side offers shops, markets and a marina while the southern portion of Sooke has a vast park boasting beautiful trails, including part of the Trans-Canada trail known as the Galloping Goose.

Sooke is the home of the T’Sou-ke Nation, from which the name ‘Sooke’ is derived. The Hudson’s Bay Company, gave the land the name ‘Soke’ that later changed to ‘Sooke’. T’Sou-ke refers to the Stickleback fish that populated the mouth of the river feeding into the basin that forms the heart of the region. 

The Sooke region features incredible natural beauty, including the Sooke Potholes Provincial Park to the north, the Sooke River that flows south as well as East Sooke Regional Park to the southeast.

T’Sou-ke Nation is one of about 20 First Nations that occupy the area in the Capital Region district in and around Victoria. Two T’Sou-ke Nation reserves sit on land around the Sooke Basin, with most members living in the southeastern reserve. With a population of roughly 260, half of whom live on First Nations Land, T’Sou-ke Nation is an active and engaged community that is an integral part of the Sooke’s identity and livelihood.

Renewable Energy and Sustainability

The T’Sou-ke Nation champions renewable energy and sustainability in the region, providing inspiration to both city officials and residents. Every house on the T’Sou-ke Nation reserve is equipped with solar panels, which earned them the title of Canada’s first Aboriginal solar community. Many T-Souke Nation members also use solar thermal energy to heat up water and grow food. The endeavor also earned the T’Sou-ke Nation an $175,000 award which was used to build The Ladybug Garden and Greenhouse. This project helped create a self-sufficient community with food and resources available throughout the year.

What’s more, T’Sou-ke Nation also has charging stations for a growing number of electric vehicles.

Such sustainable efforts can be seen influencing the Sooke community at large, which continually strives to limit carbon emissions and encourage energy efficiency. Sidewalks, scenic paths and bike trails populate a region that seeks to preserve and embrace its unique ecology. Efforts to tackle climate change, including enhancing infrastructure and conserving the ecosystem, are being made on an individual and government level.

T-Sou-ke Nation is also active in the arts, having initiated a development program to foster creativity and revive culture through artistic expression. The Sooke Fine Arts takes place annually every summer, showcasing art and artists from the region as well. All of this goes into creating a community that honours the past while creating a safe and sustainable future.

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