What is a Smart Hotel?

In the comfort of your own smart home, everything is accessible and efficient. You can control appliances by an app, set up sensors to trigger lights and adjust the temperature and of course control what you want to watch on TV, when you want to watch it.

So why can’t these conveniences come with you when you travel or are seeking an extended stay? Well, a smart hotel says they can.

What is a smart hotel?

A smart hotel uses digital technology and connectivity to create a convenient, accessible and personalized experience for guests. Through an app, guests have access to a digital concierge where they can learn more about their location, arrange services, seek out recommendations and effortlessly check in and check out.

The HoneyTree Hotel Group is working to create a smart hotel experience for guests in Canada. They’ve partnered with Mosino, a Quebec-based technology company that’s created a digital concierge for the hospitality industry on their platform.

Everything a guest needs or desires will be at their fingertips. They will be able to control their space like they would their smart home, operating the television, blinds and temperature with access to a world of useful knowledge as well as instant support for any issue they may have.

Guest benefits

With a digital concierge, guests can access the necessary information they want exactly when they want it. They don’t need to leave their room and head to the lobby and wait in line – they can search through the app for what they need.

Just like a physical concierge, the digital concierge will be populated with nearby recommendations and even coupons promoting local businesses.

One thing guests don’t need to worry about is any potential inconveniences. A system is in place to recognize any issues before they become a serious problem, with sensors programmed to automatically adjust settings as needed.

For example, an oven may be automatically turned off if left on for too long and smoke starts to form, or water will be shut off if a leak in a pipe is noticed. Sensors would adapt to the comings and goings of the unit, set to know that if the room is empty for example, there shouldn’t be any loud noise. Conversely, it would know that when occupied, the temperature should be set accordingly.

There are boundless possibilities for guest personalisation as well. Frequent visitors may have the opportunity to engage with specific recommendations and contribute to the hotel community, offering their own commentary and recommendations.  HoneyTreeGrow.ca is also envisioning  “Shopable Stays,” where items within the rooms can be purchased and sent directly to the guests home.

Investor benefits

A smart hotel aims to make operating and managing the business more efficient as well, from reducing costs through automation to making the guest experience more convenient. A guest’s stay can be tailored to their desire, making them more likely to recommend the stay and return themselves.

Costs are reduced through a system that monitors energy usage and eliminates waste when a room is not in use. What’s more, the platform allows for versatile usage, catering to specific hospitality needs beyond tourism. The interface can adapt to professionals seeking long term stays, students searching for housing near school, or families seeking a new home.

addy and the Smart Hotel Experience

The smart hotel design is at the heart of the plan with addy’s next property at 874 Sherbrooke St. E. in Montreal, Quebec. The HoneyTree Hotel Group is set on renovating the existing 18-room boutique hotel into a 23-room hotel designed for a variety of stays complete with a digital concierge. You can learn more about the property in our “Pros and Cons” video and ready yourself for the drop!

If you want to invest in the next property, join addy today:

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