Give the gift of addy for Valentine’s Day

Tis the season of showing love and affection to those closest to you! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you prefer an outgoing celebration with the one nearest to your heart, or a cozy gathering with friends, there are plenty of ways to show those around you that you care.

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of bountiful chocolate or depreciating diamonds, why not give something even more special and indeed rare: real estate.

Crowdfunding real estate

Yes, real estate might be one of the most lucrative investments around and something that most in the younger generations have a tough time acquiring, as property prices continue to rise across Canada, from large cities to small towns, east coast to west coast. To help younger generations get a piece of the hot rental market and achieve the dream of property ownership, addy crowdfunds institutional grade commercial real estate, allowing investments as little as $1.

These properties come with a high price tag that most individuals can’t afford to invest in on their own. Instead, crowdfunding spreads out the investment across many individuals, so that everyone has a chance to get involved for an amount they feel comfortable with.

That investment hopefully turns around a decent profit. Each opportunity on the addy platform details an offering memorandum, which includes a potential plan, timetable and return on investment. When a property drops, members have a chance to invest from $1 up to $1,500; once the investment is in, members can just kick back and relax. If Owner’s Day comes around, you’ll earn a distribution from your investment.

How to give the gift of real estate

So, we can’t exactly give away commercial real estate, but we can do the next best thing – gift cards to use to invest.

addy offers gift cards in denominations of $50, $100 and $500 to put towards your addy wallet. With a minimum investment of $1 and a maximum of $1,500 per property, addy gift card money can be spread out across multiple properties or all put towards a single one. How you choose to make some passive income is up to you!

addy referral program

Another way you can help others begin on their crowdfunding real estate journey is by funding their wallet; and padding yours along the way too. addy’s referral program doles out $50 per successful referral: $25 for the member who brings aboard someone else, and $25 for the person who is starting their membership.

On top of that, if you keep making successful referrals, you’ll have a shot at some fun gifts, including a Starbucks gift card for five referrals, and maybe even a PS5 if you refer 50 others to the platform.

addy membership

In order to invest with money in your addy wallet from gift cards, or to earn some funds when referring others, you have to be a member. Signup is quick and easy; addy doesn’t require you to have a wealth of real estate knowledge – or a wealth of money for that matter.

While we welcome accredited investors, we believe in real estate for everyone, with a one-year Charter membership for $25. With our Instant Funds feature, you can start investing immediately. So start referring early and often to build up your wallet and support Canadian crowdfunded real estate.

Give the gift of real estate with an addy gift and start referring friends and family today:

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