Do I Need to Keep My addy Membership to Keep My Investment?

addy aims to make real estate investing accessible to all with a fairly simple process. By crowdfunding the investment, members can put anywhere from $1 to $1,500 towards a property and then kick back and await a potential return.

You have to be a member to invest – but do you still need to be a member to keep your investment and enjoy possible distributions in months and years to come? Let’s dive into these commonly asked questions and explain all the possibilities.

Memberships, investments and returns

While you have to be a member to invest, you do not need to stay a member to hold onto your investment. Once you put money towards a property, all of that money goes to it and stays there. What’s more, you do not need to be a member in order to earn distributions and celebrate Owners’ Day.

So, if you invest in a property that forecasts distributions for 10 years, you do not need to maintain your membership for all those 10 years. In fact, if your membership expires tomorrow, you can invest in a property today – if there are any available at the moment – and then let your membership lapse while still earning any potential distributions down the road.

Take our popular property in Chilliwack, B.C. This investment, better known as our Starbucks property, was one of the earliest investments made available, all the way back in August 2020. We recently celebrated our fourth distribution for the investment, with one coming about every quarter since April 2021. With an estimated term of five years, and the potential to see if the conditions are right, those who invested can expect more returns.

However, if you invested initially, you do not have to stay a member in order to keep those distributions coming. Your addy wallet will be credited whether or not you are still a Charter Member, a Believer Member or an Accredited Investor.

Membership perks

Just because you don’t have to be a member to enjoy distributions doesn’t mean you should necessarily let your membership go when the time comes.

You have to be a member to invest in any  upcoming properties, so if you want any distributions to continue making you some passive income, membership is imperative.

There are also some fun perks! You’ll be granted entry to our special channels on our Discord server and earn access to instant funds in your addy wallet!

Membership requirements

Unlike some other real estate investment companies, we have no requirements as to your financial background or investing acumen in order to become a member. If you are of the age of majority in any of our four unlocked provinces – Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and newly opened Quebec – you can sign up to join the addy crowdfunding cause.

Once you fund your wallet, you’ll have access to instant funds so you can start investing and achieve the dream of property ownership in Canada.

If you’re ready to invest in commercial real estate and earn passive income, join today:

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