What Makes addy’s Crowdfunding Real Estate Platform Unique?

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addy was formed with the goal of breaking down traditional barriers to real estate investing and property ownership by crowdfunding real estate. addy believes in empathy: we understand and appreciate the existing obstacles to property ownership. We also believe in curiosity: we are constantly trying to improve our product while seeking out the best opportunities for all involved. We also invest alongside members, which means our interests are aligned: every investment must be a win-win deal all around.

With all that in mind, we want to dive into a little bit about the ways in which we operate, how we compare to some competitors and all that makes addy unique.

Crowdfunding real estate

addy allows for crowdfunding real estate, in which multiple investors pool money towards a specific property. These properties are institutional grade commercial real estate: they come with high price tags that the average Canadian can’t afford (the average Canadian can barely afford a residential home, let alone a CRE property).

This opportunity isn’t inherently unique – a few other companies offer a chance to invest in CRE as well. However, unlike other crowdfunding models, there is never a doubt or risk that an opportunity won’t be fully funded. As a Limited Partner, addy works with the General Partner of a property to ensure that funding is fulfilled. So when you invest in a property, you know all the money is going towards it.

We also set ourselves apart by lowering the threshold for investors.


addy does not require any financial acumen or a large bank account to join the platform and start investing. Our belief that real estate should be for anyone means we have no thresholds for membership other than those set forth by the government: namely, you have to be old enough to invest in participating provinces.

Otherwise, your credit, your background, your investment experience do not matter because we want to make these real estate opportunities simple and accessible. That brings us to another unique feature.

Investment amount

Some companies set lofty bars for investing, but that is just another barrier to making passive income. addy allows investments towards a property as low as $1. If we set that minimum to $50 or $100, some people might be left out. A $1 minimum, however, means that everyone has the opportunity to get involved.

We also set a cap of $1,500 towards a single property for the same reason. This limit on investing in a specific property is to allow for more people to get involved. The $1 minimum wouldn’t matter without a cap as a few opportunistic investors could pool unlimited money towards a property, fulfilling the funding before others had a chance to invest.


We mentioned the properties that addy offers through crowdfunding: institutional grade commercial real estate. It’s not just what we offer, but also what we don’t, that sets addy apart.

addy does not invest in single-family homes, townhouses or individual condo units. That’s because doing so would compete with prospective homeowners who are already confronting high down payments, low supply and frequent bidding wars. A company that pools investments towards a single property simply has more power and leverage over the average Canadian family simply seeking a home to settle down in.

The addy community

We pride ourselves on cultivating an engaged community. We regularly provide updates on properties, chat with members on our Discord channel and also offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on memberships. We truly believe in win-win deals.

This process can’t be done without our accredited investors. They help top up an issuance to make opportunities for all involved. They are key players in helping make CRE accessible.


The only way to invest in a property is with an addy membership. A Charter Membership costs $25 for one year and a Believer Membership of $500 for five years. There is also an option for accredited investors.

We continue to grow and offer more exciting and hopefully lucrative opportunities to our members to make real estate for everyone.

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