Brandon Beavis’ Day at addy

Influencer and investor Brandon Beavis below a banner that reads: day at addy

addy strives to not only make real estate accessible for everyone, but also explain how and why investing in real estate can be advantageous. That’s because commercial real estate in particular has traditionally been closed off to the average Canadian. addy’s crowdfunding platform, however, opens to the doors to those interested in diversification and passive income.

One such curious person is investor and influencer Brandon Beavis, who paid a visit to addy for a memorable day in February to learn more about how we work.

Brandon Beavis Day

Hans Edstrand, Steve Jagger, Brandon Beavis, Darcy Ulmer and Mike Stephenson standing at Maple View Heights development in Mission B.C.
Left to right: Hans Edstrand, Steve Jagger, Brandon Beavis, Darcy Ulmer and Mike Stephenson

Investing online

Canadians that dabble in the stock market may already be familiar with Brandon Beavis, the young YouTuber who seeks to educate and enlighten with guides, tips and everything you need to know about investing.

Well, investing in the stock market, that is. That’s at the heart of Brandon’s YouTube channel. The ease with which someone can buy and sell stocks online, and the low monetary threshold to join, make investing in stocks, and crypto to a lesser extent, widely popular.

“We all know on this channel we’re big on stocks,” Brandon tells viewers in the video,” but I get so many questions about real estate and (people asking) how they can get exposed and whether it’s something they should be investing in.”

Real estate traditionally hasn’t been as accessible. The high price tag that comes with commercial real estate, and the escalating prices of homes in big cities and throughout Canada, means there is a big financial barrier to getting involved. What’s more, it’s a lot easier to buy and sell stocks than it is to buy and own a real piece of property.

Brandon Beavis on site at the Mission B.C. Maple View Heights development with the addy squad and GPCrowdfunding real estate

By crowdfunding a property, the average Canadian can invest in commercial real estate. Pooling money together means the financial burden, as well as the risk, is spread among more people instead of one individual. What’s more, as Brandon learned, addy members don’t need to bother themselves with managing the property – that’s on the General Partner.

We took Brandon to Mission, B.C. to see our Maple View Heights purpose-built rental and chat with the GP for the project. Because addy allows members to invest in specific, individual properties, members know exactly where these properties are located. They can even visit them too, just like Brandon.

Invest with addy

Having visited the office in Vancouver, traveled to the site of an addy investment in Mission and chatted with addy leaders and squad, Brandon seemed pretty convinced at the end of the day.

“I know our channel is forced more or less on stock market investing,” Brandon concludes. “But the more and more I learn about (addy), how they are basically making real estate accessible to everybody out there, it’s something I encourage you to look into further.”

Check out the video below to see the entire Brandon Beavis Day experience with addy.


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