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addy aims to make real estate investing accessible for all. That’s done by lowering the financial barriers, making the process easier and also giving members confidence with their investment.

There are many ways in which the addy platform is unique; here are the guarantees members can expect when they sign up and invest with addy.

addy assurances


When a property drops, you as a member have access to the Offering Memorandum, a detailed document outlining the plan for the investment, who’s running it as well as the pros and cons of the opportunity. We define the investment type, which correlates to risk, and provide you with a timetable for potential returns that includes two key metrics in ROI and IRR.

addy also invests alongside members, which is why we always seek out win-win deals. You’re not out there investing on your own: these are properties and opportunities we believe in and are invested in too. Although, you’ll still want to do your own research.

Funding properties

addy uses crowdfunding to unlock institutional grade commercial real estate investment opportunities for the average Canadian. However, unlike typical crowdfunding platforms that need to hit a certain threshold of money in order to move forward, there is no risk that an addy property won’t be fully funded.

addy works with the GP to ensure every property on the site is completely funded and moves ahead. Sometimes that means that the target amount is flexible, and other times it may mean that addy or one or more accredited investors will top off the remaining amount.

Either way, members can invest assured knowing every dollar they put towards an investment goes to that investment.

Membership guarantees

If you are not satisfied with how things are going with addy for whatever reason, at any time, we will cancel and refund your addy membership immediately. We won’t ask any questions. Though we would certainly love to hear how we can do better and seek out any potential solutions.

Keep in mind that while you need a membership to invest in a property, you don’t need a membership to earn potential returns and distributions. In some cases, a forecasted timetable may see distributions annually for years to come – some even in perpetuity. You do not need to maintain your membership for all that time.

Invest with addy

Start your crowdfunding real estate journey with addy by signing up for a membership. This allows you to invest in available properties on the platform, and we assure you we will be available along the way should you have any questions, concerns or even ideas. We’ll invite you to join us on Discord to share your thoughts with other members as well as the addy squad so you can move forward with pride and purpose..

Real estate investing should be simple. With addy, it is.

Join addy in crowdfunding real estate:

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