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With over 20 properties and counting, addy continues to grow, learn and enable more Canadians to invest in commercial real estate. We’ve seen some unique properties over addy’s young lifespan, including a smart hotel in Montreal, a campus-style office park in Calgary and an affordable housing complex in Hamilton.

We also saw several Owners’ Days for a couple popular properties including our beloved Starbucks in Chilliwack.

We’ve had a lot of opportunities in the last year-plus, and have passed some notable milestones: when you stop to add it all up, that’s what you realize. Here’s what we’re celebrating with our dedicated members in March and beyond.

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With the latest property in Vernon, a mixed-used heritage building, the total equity addy has surpassed $10 million! Over $10.1 million in fact – that’s a lot of money.

As a refresher, equity is a company’s total assets minus total liabilities. Equity refers to the total amount of money that shareholders would enjoy were all assets liquidated. In real estate specific, equity in property is the amount of money that is owned after accounting for loans or mortgages.


This month will also see the completion of over 20,000 transactions. That means across the nearly two-dozen properties available, over 20,000 investments were made by members. Well done!

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that over 20,000 Canadians invested; every member can invest in as many properties as they want and invest multiple times in a single property provided their total amount invested doesn’t exceed $1,500. This cap helps keep real estate accessible for all.

This milestone is especially important as it means more and more Canadians have been able to access a commercial real estate market that traditionally has been heard to breach. Adding a CRE investment to your portfolio offers diversification and a chance at some passive income. What’s more, with addy, members can know exactly where their property is located; some members (or curious influencers) can even visit the site and take pictures.


The recently dropped property in Vernon, B.C. was addy’s 23rd investment opportunity overall and 10th in British Columbia (which is also where addy is based – go Canucks!). We anticipate hitting 25 properties in April as we continue to open up CRE opportunities to the average Canadian.

Institutional grade CRE are properties that come with huge price tags and are traditionally inaccessible to most investors. Which leads us to another big number: the total asset value of addy’s fully funded properties exceeds $425 million! What’s more, in April, we anticipate asset value will hit $500 million!

Even by themselves, such properties require a great deal of money upfront in order to invest – but addy welcomes members to invest what they are comfortable with a minimum amount of only $1.

Crowdfund real estate with addy

By crowdfunding commercial real estate, addy continues to allow more Canadians to add this potentially lucrative asset class to their portfolio. What’s more, at a time when it’s increasingly difficult to purchase property, addy’s minimum investment thresholds makes the dream of property ownership possible.

Only members can invest in properties, but unlike other platforms, addy has no financial or educational thresholds in order to become a member. You only need to be a resident and of age of majority in one of addy’s four unlocked provinces to join and invest. And we’re here to help you along every step of your real estate investment journey.

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