Investing Together: An Interview with addy Member Brian Harmon

addy member Brian Harmon and his family

At the heart of addy is a genuine goal to make the dream of property ownership accessible for all. We understand it’s increasingly difficult to break into the real estate market, with high price tags, due diligence and a scarcity of supply making it hard for the average person.

We love hearing from members about their experience with addy as they seek out real estate investment opportunities. We recently chatted with Brian Harmon, a 34-year-old husband and father living in the Greater Toronto Area about what it means to have this asset class not only available to invest in, but also to physically visit.

addy Member: Brian Harmon

“I first heard about addy on a podcast talking about giving an opportunity to people who can’t really get into real estate,” says Brian. “It’s an extremely difficult market, and people want to feel some sense of ownership.”

Brian, who is experienced with investing , managing his own portfolio of stocks, didn’t think too much of it at the time. In February, however, his curiosity was piqued again when he watched a video featuring an advisor he trusts.

The video featured addy co-founders Mike Stephenson and Stephen Jagger chatting with influencer and investor Brandon Beavis on Youtube. Brandon Beavis and his Investing Academy help young people and beginners invest in the stock market, with savvy tips, how-to guides and platform reviews available in his lengthy catalogue. The video welcomed Brandon, who traditionally deals in stocks, to visit addy HQ, chat with some squad members and then visit an actual addy development in Mission.

“After the video, I invested right away, “ Brians says. “$200.”

addy properties you know

addy member Brian Harmon and his son Cameron in front of his investment: Clearview On the Park in Toronto.

There were plenty of appeals for Brian, but perhaps most significantly was the fact that addy opportunities were physical properties you know and can even visit. It was special to him that he could invest in the Clearview on the Park building in North York, Ontario; not far from his home.

“It means a lot,” he continues. “I got my wife, my daughter and my son together. We took the opportunity to see our investment. We drove out there and took a picture.”

With addy, you can physically see properties – in some cases, like a Starbucks in Chilliwack, smart hotel in Montreal or mixed-used heritage building in Vernon, you can even patronize them. “I feel integrated into it,” Brian says. “I feel a part of it. People who aren’t in the market – it’s an opportunity for. As far as a portfolio goes, it’s still an investment. You can invest in a REIT, but you don’t know the places you’ll actually invest in.”

“addy is making it so personal.”

Family ties

It was especially important for Brian to show his young son Cameron, only three years old, what it means. “I’m trying to make him an investor. I’m putting it in his head, he already says, ‘investa.’ I really want to instil that, it’s important that my son learns how to invest.”

With so many people shut out of the housing market, especially younger Millennials and Gen Zers who have seen older generations buy up homes and earn wealth, Brian wants to show his children that the opportunity still exists.

“It means everything,” he says. “Providing generational wealth, teaching my son how to invest, giving him tools that will pay back dividends. That’s everything I’m trying to teach my kid.”

Brians wants to offer educational opportunities and skills that he didn’t necessarily have growing up. “My parents divorced,” he says, “I didn’t have a father to teach me. Every fiber, every blood vessel in me teaches my son that.” With previous investments, he could only show his son an app with numbers and charts referencing the ups and down of generic stocks. Now, though, he can physically visit an investment with his son to make a stronger connection.

Brian makes sure to point out he will teach his daughter these same principles too – it’s just that she’s only six months old at the moment. “She needs to know too. She will. She’ll be the one taking care of me when I’m old.”

Invest with addy

Brian plans to continue taking advantage of addy investments, adding real estate to his growing portfolio. He says he will continue to visit the North York property on occasion to check in. addy members aren’t involved in any of the management or maintenance, but Brian jokes he will be there to see what’s going on. “Oh, I’ll be very hands on – I’ll visit every quarter!”

addy breaks down barriers to real estate investing, offering the average Canadian a chance to get into this asset class. Members can invest as little as $1 to make their dream of property ownership a reality.

“There’s more of a sense of ownership than putting money in the stark market,” concludes Brian,.” This one is more personal.”

“The opportunity is game-changing.”

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  1. Cecilia Stephenson says:

    I had a wonderful feeling reading this article about
    Brian’s start with addy . Congrats Brian, wishing you the best ! Personally, ( but don’t mind me ) I know he’s on the right track.

  2. Cecilia says:

    I had a wonderful feeling reading this article about
    Brian’s start with addy . Congrats Brian, wishing you the best ! Personally, ( but don’t mind me ) I know he’s on the right track.

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