addy Answers: is addy Legit? (Hint: Yes)

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Finding the right platforms to invest your money in is not easy. The online world offers plenty of means to passive income and financial freedom, but there are also more than a few pitfalls, scams and fraudsters lurking about. As a growing company, we’ve been asked by cautious investors: Is addy a legitimate business? The short answer: Yes!

The longer answer involves describing addy achievements, demonstrating success and showcasing some of our squad out of ever-growing enterprise. So let’s get to it!

addy Milestones

To date, addy has offered 23 properties from across Canada with more in the works. Our recently highlighted addy milestones include conducting over 20,000 transactions with assets totalling over $425 million. We anticipate surpassing $500 million in total assets in April with our forthcoming property drops.

addy is based out of Vancouver, B.C., and is open to investment for members in BC, AB, ON and QC. We just unlocked Quebec with a unique opportunity in Montreal. We’ve another Montreal drop on the way as we look to expand in the province and hopefully open up the rest of Canada.

Crowdfunding commercial real estate

Passive income

Surely one of the main appeals, if not the only draw, of online real estate investing platforms is the chance to diversify one’s portfolio and earn passive income. The tricky thing about assessing real estate platforms is that many deals take time to unfold and pan out. Investing in real estate isn’t as fast and simple as buying and selling stocks, which can be done in seconds.

With addy, members earn passive income in one of two ways: through distributions arising from rental income on properties and/or through the sale of a property itself, also known as an exit. An investment may forecast a two-year term, like with our smart hotel in Montreal, or one that is 12 years, as is the case with our purpose-built rental in Mission.

Starbucks in Chilliwack miniprop
Starbucks in Chilliwack miniprop

Still, even though addy is only a couple years old, early members have already seen distributions sent to their addy wallets. Both The Park at Willowglen in Calgary and the Starbucks in Chilliwack have four distributions to their name with more anticipated. We refer to the time when investors see money added to their addy wallets as “Owners’ Days,” and it’s definitely a time to celebrate.

We also may or may not have another special payout coming soon for members who invested in a specific project some time ago (spoiler alert: we do).

Our team of experts conducts due diligence and presents a detailed plan and expectations. And so far, we’ve seen results. Timetables for expected returns and what those returns look like are shared with the members when a new addy is dropped. They are not, however, guaranteed. No platform can guarantee success in investing, but with addy, you can invest with confidence.

Hear from addy faithful

addy squad

We are real people joined by common beliefs and we are (almost) everywhere – we’re on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, MySpace, LiveJournal…or at least most of those platforms. Our very own Asa Rehman – no stranger to being on TV – is one of the addy YouTube faces and works hard to educate and entertain those new to investing.

We’ve had several meetups on occasions as well to meet addy squad in person, including one recently in Vernon, BC and another coming soon in Montreal.

We also recently highlighted some of the work and thoughts from a few of addy’s leading women.

We’re a passionate group dedicated to empathy, curiosity and creating a win-win deal for all members.

addy community

addy community members can connect on Discord. Chat with a community of nearly 1,000 addy members as well addy co-founders Mike Stephenson and Stephen Jagger and the rest of the addy squad. Those curious about how addy works can learn from members while conversations about real estate, digital property, investing, current events and fun memes take place regularly.

We’ve some notable fans as well. We’ve received the stamp of approval by influencer and investor Brandon Beavis. Member Brian Harmon recently spoke to us about the power of investing in physical property (and he joined through the recommendation of Mr. Beavis).

Invest with addy

So, for all these reasons and more, addy is very much here, active and working earnestly to expand investing opportunities for the average Canadian.

Commercial real estate opportunities traditionally come with high price tags but addy is committed to making commercial real estate accessible to all.

Crowdfund commercial real estate with addy:

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