Owners’ Days: Issuer’s All-Time Distributions and Exits (Updated: August 2023)

Piggy bank with addy distributions and exits going in

Investing in real estate allows you to #GetRichSlow. You’re not just buying and selling shares across a day like stocks; instead, you’re putting money towards a relatively illiquid asset class that has the chance to generate passive income over years to come.

Issuers offer investment opportunities in institutional grade commercial real estate properties across Canada with addy technology. They forecast a timetable for distributions and the potential return on investment; some of the investments may be only a couple years, while others may involve a term of 10 years or more.

Savvy, patient investors have already seen distributions to their addy wallets. We call these exciting events Owners’ Days, as we consider the addy community who have invested in a particular property, fractional owners.

This page details which properties so far have returned capital, including how often and exactly how much. We will update this list as distributions and exits occur.


(last edit: June 23, 2023)

The Lex (Fully Exited)

The Lex Vancouver

45 Strata-titled apartment suites plus 2 commercial units in Vancouver’s downtown core.

Investment Type: Core Plus

Address: 1249 Granville St, Vancouver BC

Total Owners: 933

Owners’ Days: 7

Most Recent Owners’ Day: August, 2022

Total Distributions: $594,733.40


Chilliwack Starbucks

Starbucks in Chilliwack miniprop

A newly built drive-thru whose tenant is Starbucks. This commercial building is located at a highly-trafficked intersection in Chilliwack, BC.

Investment Type: Core

Address: 45604 Airport Rd, Chilliwack BC

Total Owners: 835

Owners’ Days So Far: 10

Most Recent Owners’ Day: July, 2023

Total Distributions: $30,531.64


The Park at Willowglen

Willowglen in Calgary miniprop

Suburban campus style office park on a 20.67 acres site in central northeast Calgary, AB.

Investment Type: Value-add

Address: 1729 8th Ave NE, Calgary AB

Total Owners: 1,141 Owners

Owners’ Days So Far: 10

Most Recent Owners’ Day: July, 2023

Total Distributions: $68,331.36




Totally rebuilt luxury 22-suite 5-storey apartment building in Central Lonsdale. It is a live-work-play location that is close to all amenities including groceries, restaurants, pubs, library, parks, the pharmacy and the Lions Gate Hospital.

Investment Type: Core

Address: 1629 St. Georges Ave, North Vancouver

Total Owners: 1511

Owners’ Days So Far: 1

Most Recent Owners’ Day: September, 2022

Total Distributions: $11,622.80


J.S Colton-Fox Building

JS Colton-Fox

A two-storey, heritage-designated building with 5 residential and 4 commercial units in Vernon, BC.

Investment Type: Value-add

Address: 3222 30th Ave Vernon BC

Total Owners: 1061

Owners’ Days So Far: 1

Most Recent Owners’ Day: January, 2023

Total Distributions: $5,621.21


Airdrie Block

Airdrie Block

40 two- and three-bedroom townhomes in Airdrie, Alberta, just outside of Calgary.

Investment Type: Core Plus

Address: 163 Reunion Loop, Airdrie, AB

Total Owners: 1,571

Owners’ Days So Far: 1

Most Recent Owners’ Day: August, 2023

Total Distributions: $32,450.00


Invest through addy

Anyone can invest in properties on addy’s platform; if you’re already a member, refer a friend and you’ll both earn $25 to your addy wallet to put towards investments. If you’re not a member, get in on the action today and hopefully earn some passive income tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Owners’ Days: Issuer’s All-Time Distributions and Exits (Updated: August 2023)

  1. Tom says:

    It would be great to be able to have a central spot to see upcoming/anticipated distributions from our holdings. Not sure if this is in the cards or not, but as an owner, I know that digging into offering memorandums can be tedious. Thanks!

  2. James says:

    I wish there was a simpler way to go to your portfolio. Instead of finding it working other menus on the app with a text link saying portfolio.

  3. Andy Io says:

    Please consider adding annualized ROI for fully exited proporty(ies). This provides an insight on project returns through Addy.

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